Zelda Breath of the Wild: Items and Resource Locations


Tree branch

class: melee weapon

info: “Can be used a weapon in a pinch.” Can also be used to light fires.


Great Plateau – The very first one you can find is just outside the Shrine of Resurrection, in the grass. Also can be found in tree-heavy areas.

Hylian Shroom

class: raw material

info: The most common mushrooms. Can be added to recipes to increase health.


Great Plateau – There are plenty of these outside the Shrine of Resurrection. Check around tree bases and along the shadowy rock areas.

Apple / Baked Apple

class: raw material / food

info: Can be eaten raw to recover 1/2 a heart, or baked to recover 3/4 of a heart. Bake it by setting it atop a fire.


Great Plateau – Found in trees. There are a lot of apple-bearing trees around the Shrine of Resurrection, near the old man’s fire. The old man has one baked apple next to his fire. You can cook more raw apples on the fire to bake them.

Stamella Shroom

class: raw material

info: Bright green color. Can be cooked and eaten to increase stamina.


Great Plateau – One is inside the old man’s home on the table. There are more on a large boulder near his home as well.


class: raw material

info: Purple color. Can be cooked and eaten to hasten Link (give him a speed boost).


Great Plateau – Typically found on shadowy cliffsides.

Spicy Pepper

class: raw material / food

info: Can be eaten raw for health, or cooked in a dish for cold resistance.


Great Plateau – Climb the slope behind the old man’s fire and you will find a goblin camp with peppers. There are also peppers near the goblin camp on the north side of the River of the Dead. More are in the old man’s cabin, both on the table and in the pots in the back corner.

Raw meat

class: raw material
info: Can be cooked to restore health.


Great Plateau – Hunt wild boars in the Forest of Spirits to acquire raw meat. Be stealthy and cautious! They will run away and disappear if you’re not careful while hunting.

Raw bird drumstick

class: raw material
info: Can be cooked to restore health.


Great Plateau – Look in tree-heavy areas and listen for birds. Shoot them with arrows from a distance, otherwise they will fly away. After hunting, the bird will yield this meat.

More to be added soon, including…

  • Boko leaf (melee weapon)
  • fish (raw material)
  • raw bird meat (raw material)
  • steak (food)
  • bokoblin arm (weapon)
  • keese wing (raw material)
  • keese eyeball (raw material)
  • bokoblin horn (raw material)
  • bokoblin fang (raw material)
  • cooking pot lid (shield)
  • traveler’s sword (melee weapon)
  • traveler’s bow (bow)
  • Hylian trousers (clothing)

NOTE: This is an incomplete list. More details and locations will be added as I continue scouting in-game regions and jotting them down. Notice something missing? Comment below! —


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