Zelda Breath of the Wild: Places You’ll Die!!!


legend_of_zelda_breath_of_the_wild_game_over_screen_blue_fontOne thing that’s immediately apparent about Breath of the Wild: there are plenty of ways to die! And many of these are abrupt, sudden deaths. Here are a few ways I’ve died so far. Maybe you have, too.

Bokoblin Encampment

Mainly, the one with the big skull cave. You probably know the one. It’s in a little valley. Defeating the guy on the platform was no problem, nor several of the goblins inside–but that blue one. That guy. He killed me many times. I didn’t even think he touched me, but it seemed to be insta-death every time.

Eastern Abbey

Getting into the Shrine over at Eastern Abbey, you’ll find the Guardians. Yep, they’re hardcore. Initially, I had snuck around the backside of the wall and came face-to-face with the dreaded machine. I didn’t know what it was. The laser locked on, I shielded–then, I tried to make a dash for it! Alas–death came all too quickly. I died from these guys a bunch of times before I realized I needed to sneak around and climb across the wall tops instead.

River of the Dead

Step in, and you’re dead. Yep. I guess that’s way they call it that.

Muddy Bog, North of the Forest of Spirits

It didn’t really look like a safe place to go–a big murky boiling bog. But hey, you never know. So I tried it–and died.


— Surely more deaths to come. —


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