How to beat the Bomb Trial (Ja Baij Shrine) on Zelda Breath of the Wild


Enter the shrine by placing your Sheikah Slate on the pedestal and travelling in. Look to the corner for the next pedestal. Distill the rune to get the Remote Bomb Rune. You’ll get spherical bombs and cube bombs. They are detonated remotely (when you choose to set them off).

Return to the middle of the room and look down the ramp. There are two large stone blocks. Use a bomb and blast them out of the way. Next is a hallway. If you go to the right and blast the block there, you’ll find a hidden treasure chest. Then go to the left and explode the blocks there–you’ll find a room with a moving platform. Place a cube bomb on the platform (a sphere one will roll off), and detonate when it is next to the big stone blocks.

Go through and you’ll find a large room with some moving stone catapults. You’ll notice there is a treasure chest on the left-hand side. You can’t climb up to get it–the smooth marble has no grip. Instead, launch yourself over to the platform with the stone catapult to reach it and open it. Don’t worry; this doesn’t hurt you.

On the left you’ll also see a ball being thrown back and forth. Use this same concept to throw your own bomb through the chute on the right-hand side. Climb up the platform and feed a spherical bomb into the chute. Watch it launch and time it carefully–detonate when it is next to the stone blocks. Then either walk over and climb the ladder, or launch yourself over to the other platform.

Turn and go up the steps to reach the glowing cube. Talk to the monk inside and he’ll give you a Spirit Orb.


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