How to get to the mountaintop shrine on Zelda Breath of the Wild


On the Great Plateau, one of the shrines is located on top of Mount Hylia. If you try to go there immediately, you’ll find a few problems — first, that the temperature is freezing and Link rapidly loses health, and second, that you can’t cross the River of the Dead by swimming.

Two things need to happen before you can go this shrine: you need to acquire the Magnesis Rune and you need to acquire the warm doublet.

Getting the Magnesis Rune

To get the Magnesis Rune, you must beat the Oman Au Shrine (the first one the old man points out to you). Need help with that? You can read how to beat it here.

Getting the warm doublet

To survive the cold mountain temperatures, Link must have some form of cold resistance. It is possible to cook spicy dishes for this purpose (see recipes for that in this post), but these dishes only work for a limited amount of time. To explore freely in the cold without worrying about a time limit, you can get the warm doublet and equip it.

If you read the old man’s diary in his cabin, it says he will give the warm doublet to anyone who can tell him the ingredients to a certain recipe. To give him the recipe, you have to acquire the ingredients, cook it, keep it in your inventory, and talk to him.

The recipe is called Spicy Meat and Seafood Fry. You will need three types of ingredients: raw meat, a fish, and a spicy pepper. For a guaranteed recipe, use one of these combinations–I have tested them myself:

  • raw bird drumstick (acquired by hunting a bird) + hyrule bass + spicy pepper
  • raw meat (acquired by hunting a wild boar) + hyrule bass + spicy pepper

You must hunt carefully and cautiously or you’ll scare away your prey. Crouch and walk slowly–you can see how much noise you’re making with the little purple sound icon onscreen.

Look for birds around areas with trees, boars in the forest of spirits, and fish in any body of water. You may have to swim around for a bit before fish appear in the water. Places I have found them include the water next to the Oman Au Shrine, as well as the water near the plateau’s Sheikah Tower. Spicy peppers are found in various places, including some in the old man’s cabin. For more help finding resources, see this post.

Acquire all the ingredients you need, head to a cooking pot (there is one next to the old man’s cabin, as well as one in the forest of spirits), and then talk to the old man in one of those locations. Make sure you have the cooked recipe in your inventory. There should be an option to say, “I cooked something.” He will reward you with the warm doublet. Equip it from the inventory.

How to get to the shrine

Head over to the River of the Dead. Climb carefully up the cliff side and you will certainly have enough stamina. You might meet some white chu-chus along the river–watch out for their icy blasts. Keep going and you should find a broken bridge with a boat along the north side. Turn around and you will see a large metal plate. Use magnesis to grab the plate and carefully place it on top of the broken posts to complete the bridge.

Cross the bridge and climb up the icy slopes. You will come across some rolling rocks and a small encampment of bokoblins, so be careful! Defeat them, then continue climbing the slope to the shrine. Good luck inside!


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