Zelda Breath of the Wild Walkthrough


legend_of_zelda_breath_of_the_wild_opening_screenPART ONE: The Great Plateau

1.1 Exiting the Shrine of Resurrection

“Wake up, Link!”

You wake up at the Shrine of Resurrection. Examine the pedestal and get the Sheikah Slate.

Go out the doors. You’ll see two treasure chests. Open both of them to get some threadbare pants and an old shirt. You can equip these from the inventory.

Move on toward the light. Climb up and exit the cave entrance. A short cutscene showcasing the landscape will bring you to the edge of the cliff.

1.2 Gathering items

You see an old man down the slope. Walk toward him. On the way, you’ll find you can pick up things and use them. They’re easy to see if you look for the shiny sparkles. Grab the nearby tree branch to use as a simple makeshift weapon. Pick up mushrooms (Hylian shrooms are nearby) and apples from the tree.

1.3 Using materials strategically

Talk to the old man by the fire. He will tell you a bit about the region. You’ll notice there is a baked apple by the fire. If you take it, he will scold you (teasingly).

You can also cook your own foods. Go to your inventory, in the “materials” tab. You’ll see the mushrooms and apples you have picked up. Select them and press “hold.” Link can hold up to five materials at a time.

Try selecting some apples (as many as you want) and holding them. Then, press B to return to the game. You’ll see that Link is now holding them. Notice the white circle with the arrow–this shows where you can place the items. Place the apples or mushrooms onto the fire. You’ll see them catch fire almost immediately. Watch the label of the food–after a moment, the apple will switch to “baked apple.” Grab it quickly before it burns and disappears.

2. Activating the Sheikah Tower

After a bit of exploration, you should hear a voice that tells you to follow the marker on your map. If you open the map screen, you should see your destination clearly marked. Go to the location (be careful of enemies on the way!) and you’ll find a small hovel. Enter it and find the Sheikah pedestal. Place your Sheikah Slate there and activate it. A cutscene with the activation and the introduction to Calamity Ganon will occur.

After the cutscene, you have to exit the tower carefully. If you try to jump off, you’ll die. Instead, jump down through the hole. You’ll fall onto a small platform. Look around and you’ll see the next one below. Continue jumping down onto the platforms spiraling all the way down to the base. When you arrive there the old man will sail in on a paraglider. Talk to him and you’ll learn about the shrine where you need to go next.

3. Beating the Magnesis Trial

4. Beating the Bomb Trial

5. Statis Trial

6. Cryonis Trial

6.1 Getting the warm doublet, crossing the River of the Dead, and climbing the mountain to get to the shrine



  • Statis Trial
  • Cyronis Trial
  • Hyrule Kingdom
  • How-to and tips:
    • foraging
    • fighting enemies strategically
    • where to find the items you’re looking for
    • cooking and recipes
    • optimizing recipes to get the most benefit (speed, stamina, health)
    • where to find koroks
    • how to catch a wild horse and register it